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Thoughts from Rebekah

Hebrews 13:8- Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

First Baptist Church was organized in December 1895 by members of several local churches and was officially recognized by the Flat River Baptist Association on December 14, 1895. The original church building was built on Elm Street on donated land by the Lyon Family. The present church sanctuary was built in 1950 and has had several building additions over the years. The pew in the pictures below was from the original church. Think about who sat on these, the prayers that were lifted, and how many people worshiped our King sitting there.  It can be breathtaking when you think of the history in that sense and I wanted to share that precious piece with you all.

First Baptist Creedmoor is a church rich with history, and I wish these walls could talk. I love history and often wonder what the stories they would tell about the lives that have been lived around them. I drive and see the run-down houses that nobody can live in any longer, and wonder about the families that lived there. Were they filled with love and laughter during the hard times?  I like to think so, but we all know that life has highs and lows.  COVID is a test of our endurance but as a united church of Christ, we will prevail together.

We all have stories of our past, those that are happy and times of triumph, and those that have tested our character and hopefully helped us become a better person. The history of our church is the same. There are stories of triumph in helping our community to show them we are here for them. There are stories as well where the church was under attack and struggled.  The good and the bad have helped to shape the church into what it is today. The ultimate big picture is the promise above written in Hebrews. Whether our story has been good, bad, or ugly, Jesus has never changed. In the current times of continuous change, He has still not changed. This promise is a rock to build our lives on. He is our solid cornerstone in which to build our lives on every day and forevermore.