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A Sure Investment

Years ago, I bought a few shares of GameStop, only to see the stock price fall steadily as the video game retailer’s performance suffered. I had pretty much written it off, and had decided that someday I would sell it and use the loss to offset some other tax liability, but this past week I noticed the stock had suddenly regained its losses and gone up even more. As I investigated what was going on, I found out that the company had not announced any breakthroughs or new strategies to “right the ship,” it had simply become the subject of chat rooms where internet day traders decided they could make some quick cash. As I watched the wild rollercoaster ride of this stock, I finally hit the “Sell” button on my stock and cashed out my small gains, knowing that all the hype had no substance to it. It was just a bunch of people that had chosen to manipulate a company’s stock for personal gain. It made me think about how my faith in Christ is not hype, and not baseless speculation and manipulation, it is eternal truth and has the backing of the Creator of the Universe. As I write this, GameStop stock continues it’s meteoric, yet baseless rise. Analysts are saying that only a very few people will make money on this false hype, and that the majority of people who participate in the trading will end up losing large amounts of money when reality once again gains control (the true value of this company is estimated at less than $20 per share, versus the several hundred dollars it’s gone up to this week). However, those who put their faith in Christ have a treasure and a promise that will never disappoint them. There will be no “Crash” at the end of that road. When the reality of eternity finally registers, believers will realize that their investment in God pays off even more than they could ever imagine.