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DIVE Youth

“…but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again…”

These words spoken by Jesus sent the Samaritan woman with him into a deep state of confusion. She had been laboring at this well to attain water for different purposes but was now presented with an alternative.

“Sir, give me this water,” she quickly pleaded, “so that I will not be thirsty or have to come here to draw water.”

This woman, by uttering those words, resembles the sentiment of countless people in our world today. We all long for fulfillment, yet are hardly capable of finding it unassisted. Jesus is not presenting to this women some magical water from the well, He’s presenting her with ultimate fulfillment found in his very Being…an invitation to put her trust in Him and experience a satisfaction unrivaled by anything she could try to put in it’s place…and that’s the same invitation being extended to us.

As the youth group of FBC Creedmoor, it is our goal to experience this everlasting fulfillment by putting our trust in Jesus Christ and Him alone. Not only do we want this “living water,” we want to DIVE in to it. We want his presence in our lives to be everything our lives are about, including pursuing His calling on each of our lives and following His Biblical commands in the process. Every student who graciously accepts our open invitation into our ministry will be taught four things: 1) The message of the Gospel 2) What that message means for their lives 3) Why they should share that message, and 4) How to share that message. Essentially, students will come to understand what it means to live an abandoned life for Jesus…not tiptoeing down the steps of the pool, but leaving the diving-board without a second thought and entering a deep-end of fulfillment by our Lord.

While deep water can be dangerous, we know that wherever the Lord’s current pulls, we follow safely in His arms.

Rev. Nick Garner

Next Generation Pastor