Tel: 919-528-2351


What are the hours of operation?
FBC Academy opens at 6:45 am and closes at 6:00 pm, Monday thru Friday.

Do you offer part time care?
No. We only offer full time care.

What are the ratios and class sizes?

Infants1:510 Children
Toddlers1:612 Children
Two’s1:1020 Children
Three’s1:1525 Children
Four’s1:2025 Children

Is there a cafeteria?
There is a cafeteria and a cook on site.

What type of curriculum do you utilize?
FBC Academy has chosen the Abeka Curriculum as its foundation for teaching Biblical principles.  This curriculum was developed by teachers across the country focusing on core skills for each age group.  Curriculum lessons begin in our one year old class and continue throughout the Academy.

Are extra programs offered outside of curriculum?
FBC Academy offers extra curricular programs for music, science in motion, and weekly chapel at no additional charge to parents.

Are staff members certified?
All staff are required to maintain certification in First Aid and CPR.

What is your inclement weather policy?

FBC Academy Inclement Weather (Revised 2015)

What is your discipline policy?

The policy of the academy is:

·         No corporal punishment will be permitted.

·         No withdrawal of food, rest, or clothing will be permitted.

·         No isolation of the child will be permitted (except for a “cool-down period” – see below).

Cool-Down Period:

A “Cool-Down Period” is defined as the removal of a child for a short period of time from a situation in which the child is misbehaving and has not responded to other discipline techniques. The cool-down period is limited to no more than one minute per year of age. At no time will this procedure be utilized for children under the age of two. During the cool-down period, the child is still in sight of a teacher at all times. During the cool-down period, the child has a chance to think about the misbehavior which led to his/her removal from the group.   Then the teacher discusses the incident and the child is treated with the same affection and respect shown to the other children.