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Ede Pauplis

Edelizete Pauplis, that’s my full name. I am Brazilian and also an American by choice. I am married with Karl Pauplis—born in Massachusetts, and I have two wonderful boys– Lukas 15 years old and Thomas almost 13. We have been living in Creedmoor for about 13 years and we are members of the FBC since 2013. Since then I have learned to love our church and cherish our small town.

For many years I chose to be a stay home mom and in 2017 I started a part time job at the United Methodist Church here in Creedmoor. Wasn’t until now that I decided that it was time for me to go back and start a full time job. I have a Bachelors degree in business that I acquired in Brazil and along the years I got some experiences working in Human Resources in Brazil. In Massachusetts, where I lived before North Carolina, I worked for Research and Development for few years where I was able to publish 2 patents for the company I worked for.

Throughout the years I have been volunteering in our church on different occasions and situations, I volunteer at the thrift shop and I also use to volunteer at the food bank mission which I had stopped last year for health issues– I am much better now, no worries.

I like to be involved in our community so I try to give back as much as possible and I do that by volunteering my time and participating in different board committees. In May 2020 was invited to be a member of the Granville County Library System Board witch meets once a month and I am a member of the Band Board at my kids school.

My faith in Christ has grown over the years and I am happy to say that I have learned so much with so many of you. I am happy to be here to serve you all the best I can.